The head of the gang, a former Israeli intelligence officer, spoke about the activities of his team. Team Jorge, a hacker group led by former Israeli intelligence operative Tal Khanan, provides intelligence gathering services on political rivals and interference in election campaigns around the world. This was reported by RBC, referring to the investigations of the publications Haaretz, Le Monde and Der Spiegel. Hanan explained to reporters that the group collects information about the political competitors of customers by hacking their accounts in Telegram and Gmail, organizes the placement of custom materials in the media and spins them with the help of bots. According to Hanan, the group has run 33 election campaigns around the world, including presidential campaigns, 27 of which have been successful. He added that the group is now participating in the elections in Africa, and he also has a team in Greece and the Emirates. In addition, "Team Jorge" provides services to special services, parties and other customers who want to secretly manipulate public opinion. It is worth noting that the cost of intervening in elections ranges from €6 million to €15 million. The investigation also cites the group's collaboration with British company Cambridge Analytica, which is said to have helped the Trump campaign during the 2016 presidential campaign.
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