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How do we know what subs are already available for us to post in? Where do I go to find an organized sub list? Is this forum being currently developed and enhanced, or is it pretty much an experiment that's been largely abandoned? I mean no disrespect to the creator and mod(s), I'm just trying to understand the intent and usage of this message board.
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It is actively being developed. I have several projects but the more activity I see on the site the more time I'm going to put into improving it.
As for what topics are available, all topics are available.
Feedback and criticism are always super welcome here.
So it could be a defect with my browser, but I don't see a complete list of existing subs, like what would have been found on VOAT/TALK. If I make a post about baseball, how do I find out if there is an existing "baseball" sub? It seems like I'm missing something, but it could be that MATRIX works differently than what I'm used to. I'm not making any requests for changes, just trying to learn how to use the site.
Sure. I guess the answer is that there isn't one. The ones at the top are just a couple suggested topics but you can ignore those. I suppose I could make a page that generates a list of the most active topics. I basically tend to take every suggestion or even hint of a suggestion I hear and put it in my todo-list, and sometimes it gets done.
There aren't a ton of users now. I see how it could make sense to some to try to target subs that are active or are more likely to be active in the future. I'd say the best bet would be to target topic names that align with what's active on Voat or Reddit.
Sounds good. Thanks for the reply back... :)