Seattle Archbishop Paul Etienne Backtracks — Headlines — September 15, 2023

Seattle Archbishop Paul Etienne Backtracks

Previously requested that all pastors resign. FULL STORY

Cdl. Gerhard Müller's Warning for the Synodal Process | Rome Dispatch

Cdl. Müller: "There are even bishops who no longer believe in God." FULL STORY

Notre Dame Drag Show

Live drag performance on Nov. 3. FULL STORY

UAW Strike Begins At Ford’s Wayne Plant

Ford Chief Executive Jim Farley warned on Thursday that the unions would “put us out of business,” if the automaker acquiesced to union demands for pay increases of 40%, an end to the tiered wage system which pays veterans more than new hires, and the return to defined benefit pensions. FULL STORY

Newsom Faults Media for Parent Pushback

Says parents outraged by LGBT propaganda are being manipulated by right-wing media. FULL STORY

DHS Chief Mayorkas Calls for Amnesty as DACA Is Ruled Unconstitutional Again

The amnesty has also failed to gain traction in Congress. FULL STORY

Pro-Lifers Resist Abortion Measure

Michigan bill would force taxpayer funding of abortion. FULL STORY

Russia Is Manufacturing 7 Times As Much Ammo As the West, Officials Say

Before the country invaded Ukraine, a senior Western defense official told The Times that Russia could make 100 tanks a year; now they're averaging 200. FULL STORY

Agency Expands Work With Faith Groups

USAID already works with Catholic Relief Services. FULL STORY

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