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User Agreement:

By using, you agree to these terms and to comply with the following conditions.

By accepting this agreement, as demonstrated through your use of the site, you are granted permission to use the services of this site. This permission is revokable at the discression of the admin(s) of or those they appoint such power to.

Failure to abide by this agreement may lead to service restrictions at the sole discretion of

Your account may be banned for an undisclosed amount of time, or removed completely if the following agreement is not adhered to. Additionally, accounts may be suspended for reasons not listed in this agreement.

We do not share your data with anyone, nor do we have any intent to aggregate data with the purpose of selling it, unlike many social media companies.

Optional email addresses provided to upon account creation will be used for account registration, password recovery, and support, and will not be shared with any other party.

All users must be at least 13 years of age.

You agree to release us, our affiliates, and third-party service providers from claims, demands and damages of any kind, resulting from your use of this site.

We are not responsible for the actions or content of other sites that are linked on this site, and you agree to be held solely liable for the posting of such links.

Users are solely responsible for any laws they may break by viewing content on this site. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to: Users under the age of 18 opting in to view NSFW (adult) content, and/or users who view content that is illegal within their own country.

Do not upvote yourself (or others) using alternate username accounts. This is considered astroturfing and will result in a ban.

Using alt accounts to tamper votes for your own gain or to target someone else's account will result in all your related accounts restricted and votes cancelled.

No doxxing other users. This means you cannot publish a fellow user's address, phone number, or name, against their will. Especially if this information is private and is not meant to be publicly known. Users agree not to post any other sensitive information relating to other user's real world identities without their express consent.

Users are solely responsible for their own personal information if they choose to share it on the site.

You agree not to use to initiate violence.

Users agree not to post calls to violence or specific threats of violence.

Depictions of exteme violence may be removed and are prohibited. Any depiction of a person sustaining a permenent injury or an injury resulting in death, or of any such event qualifies as a depiction extreme violence.

By submitting content to you represent that you have a legal right (through fair-use, permissive license or copyright ownership) to do so, and that any original content (not linked content) submitted is irrevocably licensed under CC0 terms.

Infringement of copyright or personal or proprietary rights of any person or entity is prohibited, and the content may be removed upon a legitimate DMCA request. Such content is not endorsed by, nor is liable for any user submitted content.

Using as a place to discuss, plan or engage in any action that would compromise security, tamper with system resources or accounts on computers at, is strictly prohibited.

Content deemed to be spam will be removed, and continuous posting of such content may result in a ban.
Spam for the purposes of this site is defined to be content which is suspected to benefit the poster financially, which is generally disliked by the majority of users on the site. The administrator(s) or those they delegate have to right to apply personal judgement over the relevent factors. Self promotion that is generally considered to be enjoyed by users is generally not considered spam.

To combat denial of service spam, retains the right to apply rate limitation.

Malicious Software/Viruses/Phishing intended to harm the site or its users is prohibited.

These limitations are to ensure the sustainability of on the public internet.

The terms of this agreement may change from time to time. If changes are made, they will be reflected here.

DMCA infringments with proper notice
US/CA Court ordered removals
Other legal matters
Please contact: @legal via this site

Sending irrelevent messages to that account will qualify as a violation of this agreement.

The terms of this agreement may change from time to time. If changes are made, they will be reflected here.

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