I am going over to some family's place for dinner tonight. I'm basically going to have to watch it. It's going to be rude if I just leave.
I am bringing my laptop with. This will probably be good for Matrix.
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why is your family watching nigger ball
It was my sister's Birthday and so it's reasonable to visit. It happens to fall on the Super Bowl. So then it's her place, her birthday, I'm not exactly calling the shots.
Did not watch it, went on line to look at the commercials, and I came to the conclusion that there are a lot advertising folks that are WAY overpaid! Seems that talent is in very short supply these days!
I agree about the overpaid thing. Sometimes it feels like they aren't selling me a product but they were selling a commercial to the company buying it. For them you have to convince them you did in fact make a commercial.
That it does well? Doesn't matter.
I didn't even watch a little bit of it.