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There's a new inheritance occurring in my family. It is not necessarily a windfall for me but my parents. But there are some effects left in a house. Among them is a motorcycle. I am told that I can take possession of it.
The question is should I, with no license, and no experience beyond a scooter, fly across the country to pick up a bike, a ride it back across the country as a first cycling experience?
I'm wanting to get a license anyway. There is always the catch 22 of which do you get first, the bike or the license. You need a bike to take the test with. So the common advice is go buy a bike and then take your test as quickly after that as you can.
I'm just adding one long road trip in between. Good idea, bad idea?
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I'd consider whether or not there's an emotional value to that motorcycle in particular and whether or not you can buy another one. There was an inheritance in my family last year and we sold or gave away most stuff because it's much more efficient to get stuff locally or order it than transport everything. Even now my house is full with leftover stuff that I have to get rid of. Sure, you want a motorcycle anyway, but if you have to make a trip for it, it still isn't free. Are you doing it to see your family too? You're looking for reasons to make the trip worthwhile which seems like an indication that it isn't.
Do you know the make & year of the bike?