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It simply doesn't sort by chronological order. Not sure if you were aware of this or not. Just started looking at this site.
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I just changed it to straight chronological.
Yep. I'm aware. Before the plan was for it to do something more complicated but I've scrapped that idea. I just haven't changed it yet. Basically posts have position. It's a goal to create something similar to what Aaron Swartz actually wanted to do when he created reddit.
But now that there is custom sort I think it makes more sense for new to be simple. Basically new is just disregarding score but still considering time and position. The idea of position is to make it so you see more of the things you like. When you upvote things you and the post move closer to each other, and when you downvote the opposite.
tl;dr: For now another way you can get straight new is to use custom sort. Turn everything down but age.