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I personally went to the moon myself in 1996.
I built the craft in my garage. I could prove it to you, but all the data got lost when my computer crashed. The original videos i took of the event got lost when my uncle taped a superbowl over it. The craft sank in the ocean. I want to do it again but the first time was easy because i didn't know about the van allen belt, now that i know about the radiation in the belt, it will be much harder. Dont believe me? well here are some pictures my photography friend took of me in an elaborate studio. we only did a little photoshop on them, because we had to.
i need more tax payer money, a lot of it. i will get there again, I promise, just send me a few billion more. look here this is velcro, you can have some, i invented this with only a $25 Billion dollar budget.
Once i receive the $170 Billion in cash, i will have another working craft prepared for take off in two weeks time, scouts honor.
Every time they push back the timeline for something related to going "back" to the moon I just give a little chuckle. The excuses in the future will only serve to entertain me more.
Six crewed moon landings, last one in 1972. Top computer in the world,
CPU 64-bit processor @ 80 MHz Memory 8.39 Megabytes Storage 303 Megabytes Weight 5.5 tons
2024, Elon Musk has thinking androids and you can create a movie with a text prompt.
Nothing to see here folks, move along.