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But in the process, older episodes of some shows have been lost, because the company responsible cares about maximising profits, not about preserving culture.

Plus there may be some inconvenient content on those old shows.
Internet Archive got much but never did get a complete mirror of my back in the day. At least I have it backed up.
Sadly I doubt we'll ever have a completed backup of, with or without the censored stuff (among many: /s/HolocaustSkepticism).
If it is video that is part of what gvid is for. It's kind of an but with suggestions, so the archived data isn't just vaulted never to actually be seen again. If so the data might as well be deleted.
I kind of want it to be a memoria of human experience. While I kind of do want to avoid copyright claims (I've only had one the entire time it existed and it was for a thumbnail), there is a certain sweet spot where people care less and less about something. Before something disappears from the internet completely it hopefully hits owner copyright apathy before then.
The more likely something is to be gone from the internet forever the more it needs to be on gvid.
All that sounds great.
It would be nice if Gvid were linked into PeerTube to decentralize and distribute videos (unless I'm understanding it wrong).
Eventually I'd like to get Volun.Tube (not just for voluntaryists or volunteers).
Hosting costs, but home-servers cost much less. Ideally having a "storefront" and "warehouse" set up would be better - glossy GUI and tools - but the rarely viewed vast archive would be at home and connected to the front end online. Also, I don't trust the cloud, even my own.
Another idea: Bandwidth costs time and money. Imagine a network of admins that simply filled and snailmailed full harddrives to each other for redundancy and less trackability.
I used to download Hoarded and archived it all, seen or not. YouTube-DLG expired and I haven't picked up YouTube-DLP yet. I stopped a couple years ago, but kept "To Download" YT playlists (now with "missing" videos) so one day I can automate it and purchase more drives. I hope more folks are archiving now since being awaken by COVID, etc.
A memorable experience is good. I think of it as a research tool. Copyright is a scam but a problematic hassle to avoid nonetheless.
Another thought for Matrix.Gvid, LeverMind, RabbitHole, etc. that I tried to inspire into development on SaidIt... Make our own webscrape archive. If someone posted it, then it should be automatically scraped and saved and a button on the posted page should point to the archive. Perhaps easier than having our own forum would be to automatically get a handful of different archives to snapshot it, and provide links with the post, perhaps in a dropdown list. A handful of archives because some are compromised.
FYI, I have a bunch of Colbert Report and Daily Show episodes archived (may be corrupt or not, rescuable or not).
Fantastic article!
They steal from and stomp on authentic bottom-up creatives and original culture while forcing you to consume their crap (propaganda) content starved of meaning or purpose - all for a price (no pirating allowed).
Resist we must, and resistance content we must make.