I'm not sure if this is the case on all devices/computers, but the chat input text box displays previously entered messages for me which blocks out my keyboard preventing typing momentarily. I think this can be disabled by setting autocomplete="off" on the form.
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Thanks. That’s handy.
Hey Zom. That should be fixed now. Let me know if there are any other annoying auto-completes. My browser doesn't seem to be as aggressive with auto-complete so I might miss others. And it will be hard for me to gauge if auto-complete in one spot or another is helpful or annoying without feedback.
Keep your ideas coming!
Hey. Could you make it so that chat updates instantly / without refresh? That's the point of chat!
It should. If it isn't for you then there is some sort of bug going on. Are you on mobile. For me on mobile chat doesn't work at all yet. But I'm just thinking there could be people on mobile where it is working a little more but not completely.
If the chat is loading at all then that means websockets are opening successfully. And if it isn't updating then that means websockets aren't staying open. That seems to be a common theme with a bug noted by iSnark. So I just need to add code to reopen the websocket.
For some reason websockets are extremely stable on my connection when it doesn't seem to be the case with most so it can lul me mistakenly into a sense of confidence.
No, I'm not on mobile. Firefox / Linux. And sometimes hitting enter isn't enough and I need to click send. It just feels like a regular POST form. (Although at least you got the form history sorted, but still, I'm mentioning this because I feel it might be related.)
They should be separate issues. It's not a post form for sure. It's definitely my code not accounting for websocket drops when it should.
It works! 😀