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0, 5, 0, 0 here
I'm 1,1,1,1
Hey check out my other reply here, I have found a bug. The sliders aren't representative for their effect. If score has twice as high a number as age, then I should still see posts from a year ago which have a high score in my opinion.
I think your math isn't quite working. High scoring posts from a year ago might have double or triple the score of whats on the front page now. But something that is a year old is 365x further back in time than something a day old now. You are going to need a factor better than 2:1 to make those equal. It sounds like you want a sort where age is irrelevant.
3 goes into 365 ~300-400 times so you probably actually just want to drop age to zero.
Clarification: this site is so small right now that position doesn't make sense yet. I can keep an overview of everything that gets posted. That's why I prioritize age, so it becomes a blog roll of sorts. But I factor in score so that there's still the sense of big things happening that reach the top position, like on other reddit clones.
(Score has a higher number than age but it's actually out of balance; despite these numbers, age is still the more significant factor.)
I just tried 5,0.1,0,0. It might be close to what you are looking for. There was some from just one day ago and some from 6 months ago.