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Cool. Maybe I should try it. FreeBSD is alright by me as far as BSDs go. I should jailbreak it onto a chromebook for the ultimate cursed technology system.
Wait, you need to jailbreak chromebooks? I thought the issue was just a lack of disk space.
I agree, FreeBSD unto itself seems very interesting for providing a decent amount of packages in the repository as well as a linux compatibility layer. Polish is always welcome to me. I built a hackintosh at one point just to get away from the BS GNU/Linux had been giving me and because I actually care a lot about a good UX. Although I do think the DEs under GNU are decent. But I'm very disappointed that GTK has been steadily fucking things up over the years. helloSystem uses Qt. They do a lot of curation for you.
You can run a linux virtual machine on a chromebook, and then there is an issue of disk space. But if you want it to run on metal whatever OS you want that is jailbreaking.
XFCE generally avoided the GTK era of bullshit. It's not great, but it's not bullshit. It's sad that linux went backwards just because the most prominent desktop environment decided to label itself no longer supported.
To me one of the advantages of open source should be that useful projects don't die.